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      Reservations are strongly recommended for those who require services, or those with a large RV and for all weekend dates, especially during the high season. Mid-week, we can usually find a site for drop-in camping however, we cannot guarantee that a serviced site will be available without a reservation. Staff are always onsite for assistance.

  To request reservation via email -  Please print or download a 'Reservation Request Form' from the selection below. Once completed, please email your form to us at

 We work hard to honor each guest's special requests, ultimately the campground reserves the right to assign the campsite . We process reservations in the order we receive them.

**Please remember to include your camping dates in the subject line of your   email, especially when your intended arrival date is near.**

 Reservations are processed in the order we have received them and for the nearest arrival date. Priority is given to completed Reservation Request Forms.

(Don't have a scanner? We will accept a clear picture of your form, taken from a straight angle directly above the form, emailed to us. Send the picture in large enough format for us to read. )

*Please note that sending the forms does not constitute a reservation. When your booking has been successfully processed, including payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

   If you are travelling or unable to use email, we encourage you to view our Reservation Request Forms before calling us to make your reservation. See our cancellation policies, pricing and other important information.


**  Please note- We cannot guarantee specific site numbers . **

We will provide the services you are reserving and always do our very best to accommodate your special requests however the campground reserves the right to assign the appropriate site(s).

     Check-in anytime afterpm. Check-out time is noon.

       We thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you soon!


~  Choose a 'Reservations' Request Form for 1-2 units (RV/tent) or campsites with desired services.

~  Choose a 'Long Weekend Reservations' Request Form for 1-2 units (RV/tent) or campsites.   A -minimum of 3 nights are required during long weekends~

~  Choose a 'Group Reservations' Request Form to request a group site, or to request a reservation for 3+ or more units (RV/tent) and or campsites, with desired services. Speak with the front desk to learn of minimum/ maximum units required for group bookings.                      Nature's Hideaway has three group sites to offer. Two with water/power service & one

 un-serviced group site. 



Please click on the appropriate Reservation Request Form below.

     It is each campers responsibility to familiarize themselves with campground rules & cancellation policies before procuring a reservation. All can be found on our website and on our reservation request forms.

Campground Policies

    Our goal is to create a fun friendly family atmosphere. To help us ensure that you and all of our guests have an enjoyable stay, please review the following :


  • It is a camper's responsibility to familiarize themselves with campground policies or rules .                      

  • Each vehicle must stop at the office to register. Campers and Visitors.

  • Our campground registration tag MUST BE visible (on your rear view mirror) at all times as it identifies you as a registered guest. Vehicles without a valid registration tag may be towed at the vehicle owner's expense 

  • Check Out time is 12pm. Check-in is 2pm. Please do not arrive early.  See office for extension possibilities

  • This campground has 20 amp service. Operating air conditioning at a 20amp site will result in eviction.  No electric heaters

  •  Sorry, no generators

  •  The office is open until 10 pm on weekends. Please call/email/leave a message if you will be arriving later than 7 pm weeknights or 9:30 pm Fridays.

  •  Gates close at 8 pm weeknights & 10 pm Friday. Please make arrangements with office if arriving later

  •  Please inform your guests -Visiting hours end at 8pm sharp. Visitors will be turned away 8pm and after.  Too many Visitors to a campsite will be turned away. 

  • Visitors -$7 per adult. ​

  •   Maximum capacity of 6 adults per site including Campers and Visitors. The campground reserves the right to turn Visitors away. 

  • Quiet time is 11 pm. All music must be turned off - not down- off. No exceptions. No loud music at any time.  Quiet time includes karaoke, outdoor TV, games, guitar, etc.. 

  • Please be respectful of neighbours- keep voices down after  11pm.

  • It's not polite to cut through other people's campsites.

  • Playground closes 10pm or at dark.

  • Please do not move our firepit or picnic tables.

  • Pallets cannot be used as firewood, nor any other wood containing nails or hardware, nor any treated or painted wood. Firewood is available for sale at the office. $13/ bag

  • Fire works are strictly prohibited and are cause for immediate eviction.

  • We truck in potable water from Calgary to supply the campground water system. Therefore the water supply is to be used for RV connections only. No washing vehicles, kid pools or water games.

  • Tenters : please use a basin for washing dishes rather than allowing water to free flow onto the ground. 

  • No outdoor showers for obvious sanitary reasons.

  • The sani-dump is $25 for arriving & offsite RVs/ $15 after camping with us. +GST

  • Pets are welcome/ $3 pet rate, per night. Pets must be kept on a leash or tied at all times, including the beach area. No exceptions. 

  • Never leave your pet unattended at your site or in your RV.  

  • The campground is privately owned and does not permit marijuana to be smoked at campsites, the beaches, washrooms or any shared areas. Please go outside the campground.

  • ATVs are not permitted. Note: land surrounding the campground is also privately owned.

5 star "Had a great weekend camping with my little men. The staff were very helpful and friendly."


"Hands down a great camping experience. The staff is truly amazing and so friendly. They always go above and beyond to make sure everything ok."


"Fun weekend.  Great location.  Good facilities despite the 2013 flood!  We will look forward to coming back to camp!"

-Camping pass

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