Our campground is closed indefinitely due to the devastation caused by major flooding of the Highwood River.

Flood waters completely immersed the grounds and structures on June 20th. As of today, June 24th, the water is receding and the damage is incomparable to anything we have seen before.

 While we appreciate all of the offers for help cleaning up (it means the world to us!), we ask that people stay out and do not try to enter the grounds because of many safety hazards and it is private property.

 Our heartfelt thank you to those who helped during evacuation of the campground. We were sucessful in preventing any damage to camping units.

 To our NHFC Seasonals:

 We will be contacting each of you regarding your units via email soon. In the meantime, please contact Stacey with any questions.

You help put the "family" in Nature's Hideaway Family Campground. We value your support.

 Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those families impacted by this major flood event in Southern Alberta.


Some Pictures of the site below to assist our campers in understanding where we are at and what it is going to take to get NHFC Back on up and running.


10:00am, Thursday June 20th the Highwood swelled with a flash flood. This is the same river that runs through the town of Highriver. That's our hoe attempting to reinforce our berm.


10:20am. Standing on River Road looking at beach.


The water came in so fast. All of our employees worked like crazy to get all of our camper's  and seasonal's trailers evacuated to safety. Many of our wonderful seasonal's pitched in, in so many different ways. Thank you!

It was time to call it a day. Our MD access road was going under water at 2:45pm.

We got everybody and their camping units out 3:20pm we closed the gates never thinking it would be our last look at the park as it were .

Saturday around 10:00am, campground has been underwater for 2 days at this point. Campground is located under the trees , top right of photo.

Saturday June 22nd. Note the water level at the store.

Our skid steer out there trying to clear access to the campground . This is the MD of Foothills 31 road.


So much debris and destruction.


Our shop

The front wall of the office/ store came away from the building.

See our debit processing terminals? The top right shows the back room where the icecream freezer was, the 7ft deep freeze for ice, the milk cooler, the 3ft deep freeze for meat and bread, and the large Pepsi cooler. The water level mark was just underneath the second stock shelf.


The laundry  facilities. You can see the water level mark on the walls.


Signs of life in the park  .


Everywhere looks like this. 28 out of 30 acres. This was a road. Elk Trail.